IJCAI 2017“口碑商家客流量预测”大赛,Waiting for you!

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We would like to invite you to join IJCAI 2017 Tianchi contest “Customer Flow Forecasts on Koubei.com”, which will be held from January 9 - March 24, 2017.


Koubei, Ant Financial’s online-to-offline platform provides merchants with customized back-end business intelligence services, including transaction statistics, sales analysis and marketing recommendations. In this contest, players are expected to predict the customer flow per day during the next few days for each shop, analyzing anonymized customers’ browsing and payment history as well as the relevant information of shops. We encourage innovative ideas to help achieve a more intelligent business platform which serves the business and the society better. More detail available at http://t.cn/RMJPxDa 


Important dates
08:00 UTC+8, Feb. 8th, 2017: Contest begins 
10:00 UTC+8, Mar. 7th, 2017: Team merge deadline
23:59 UTC+8, Mar. 14th, 2017: Contest ends
23:59 UTC+8, Mar. 19th, 2017: Code & reports submission deadline
10:00 UTC+8, Mar. 24st, 2017: Winner announcement


1st place: USD 10,000
2nd place: USD 6,000
3rd place: USD 4,000
Traveling Support Prize: USD 4,000/team. We will award 2 teams (selected from top 4- 20) based on the materials (code + solution report + presentation files) they submitted.


Top 3 teams will also receive USD 3,000 as travelling support conditioned on that they present their solutions on IJCAI-17, which will be held in Melbourne on August, 2017.


We are looking forward to your submission and to meeting you in Melbourne!


Best Regards,

Tianchi Department

Alibaba Group & Ant Financial Services Group 

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